Expertise on Demand

Public, private, non-profit and family enterprises all face periods of growth and change, whether that means a whole new financial strategy or simply an extra expert to assist with a single challenge or transition.

Having worked for all kinds of organizations — from the smallest to the largest, and everything in between — I can bring perspective and experience to your group, whatever your organization's size, with no agenda except the successful completion of the task.

If you are at a stage where a short-term consultant can help your group get to the next stage, please feel free to call on me for a no-obligation consultation. After we've had a candid (and confidential) exchange of information about your business and its challenges, I'll provide an estimate of what will be required to achieve the solution you seek. You can be assured of my absolute confidence in this process.

Of course, the first step in any consulting assignment is to establish trust, and that happens face-to-face. Please contact me in confidence to set up a time for that conversation.

Phone: 206-406-4696
P.O. Box 77436
Seattle, WA 98177-0436