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Security Advisory
The theft of a laptop can jeopardize the identity of your customers as well as your vendors, friends and family. The discipline to protect such information is a best practice for any professional using a portable device. Read more...

It’s All in the Numbers

As an accountant, I see beauty and art in numbers — but I realize that's not the same for everyone. In a world where most people are comfortable knowing 5+5=10, it's irritating and sometimes confusing when someone insists that we all refer to “10” as “1+2+3+4” instead.

While my degrees and practice are in accounting, my real specialty is taking the confusion, mystery and anxiety out of accounting so you can maintain focus on your main objective while the numbers add up the way they should.



When consistency is key, you need the same person overseeing your financial well-being week in and week out. Contact me for a no-obligation assessment if you could benefit from continuous accounting management.


Often an organization needs an outside view, or assistance with a new project that involves a financial investment or risk. No two such events are the same; but I have helped launch or safeguard many such projects.


Expertise in finance can be helpful to community groups and non-profits; I'm delighted to have served on a number of boards and committees in the community and can occasionally do more. Please inquire.

An Old Chinese Proverb

Accounting for the source of a legend is always trickier than composing a balance sheet. Some say Buddha, some say Confucius, and others credit their grandparents ... but whichever historical luminary said it, this still holds true today and is the reason why accounting is important to any effort.

“To know what you know, and to know what you don't know, is to know.”
— Confucius (about a 65% likelihood)