Customized Accounting Services

Some organizations need to ensure they are following solid, standard accounting practices, but their situation doesn't warrant the overhead of a full-time, permanent accountant on staff.

For several such organizations, I provide accounting services, usually from my own office, for whatever amount of time is appropriate and required. This provides a company with prudent economy while at the same time ensuring their accounting matters are handled in a timely and professional matter, for which they can budget with confidence.

Each organization's needs are different; but typically my role includes some combination of financial reporting and forecasting; advising owners about their accounting options; preparing and filing corporate taxes; coordinating payroll and various payroll taxes; coordinating insurance of all types; managing fleet contracts and maintenance schedules; acquiring or updating computer, telephone or other systems equipment; sourcing and purchasing specialized business equipment; assessing the efficiency of company expenses categories; and where possible, pointing out areas of missed revenue opportunity.

For some organizations, I take a role in helping the owners define, organize and put into effect a financial strategy for the long-term future of the business. For others, I help manage their relationships with shareholders or private lenders.

Again, no two organizations are the same. If you believe your business or group could benefit from consistent accounting disciplines and practices, then I can help you understand, control and regularlize the financial side of your operations. Where there has been some inattention to finances, where some catch-up is required, or where a problem has grown out of proportion, the sooner one examines the situation and implements corrective action — no matter what state of emotions or politics might come with them — the better for the long-term prospects of the organization.

If you'd like to explore the possibility of outside Accounting Management for your organization, I'd be delighted to meet with you for a no-obligation, completely confidential conversation, after which I can more specifically respond to your concerns and give you an outline of what your situation may require.

Please contact me directly by phone during normal business hours, send an email, or use the contact form provided on this website at any time.

Phone: 206-406-4696
P.O. Box 77436
Seattle, WA 98177-0436

Thank you.